1983 Rolex 16750 Pepsi GMT

Description: We would love to be able to say every great find is discovered by us in a remote farm in Tennessee, however watch hunting is never as as glamorous as it seems nor is it shooting fish in a bucket. This gorgeous 16750 was uncovered by our good friend Tim @fogcityvintage. Please read his description below as to the Four-Star General Bernard Rogers that owned this before. There is no specific provenance that accompanies this watch however regardless if Elvis owned it, it is an unpolished 10/10 16750 in our opinion.

Dial: white gold surround dial

Insert: Faded pepsi

Case: Excellent thick condition case with sharp original bevels present

Bracelet: Oyster

From Fogcity:

“We all love watches with history and this one is really special. Purchased directly from the grandson, this GMT belonged to Army Chief of Staff and Four-star General Bernard Rogers. Gen. Rogers was not only one of the highest ranking members of our Miltary he was also appointed Supreme Allied Commander Europe, overseeing all NATO forces in Western Europe during the height of the Cold War. To think this bad ass watch was likely in meetings at the Oval Office and Pentagon is pretty epic.”


USD 15,900

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