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Curtis Chen of GP weighs in on Rolex’s 2020 Oyster Perpetual launch for Hypebeast 2020

Curtis Chen of GP collaborates with HighSnobiety and discusses his collection of vintage watches

Curtis Chen of GP assisted on their Rolex GMT reference guide, providing them a collector grade example of the 16760 “fat lady” GMT.

Curtis Chen of GP provides insight on the collectibility of modern discontinued Rolex watches. Photography supplemented by GP. Hypebeast 2019

Curtis Chen of GP discusses the rise and fall and resurgence of the two-tone watch with Ambrose from Hypebeast.

Grey Menard of GP chats with Ambrose of Hypebeast about the new left handed “Destro” GMT

Reel: 1675 Rootbeer two-tone GMT

Reel: Rolex 6262 Daytona Silver dial

Reel: Rolex 14060 Submariner

Reel: Tropical Carousel