1970 Rolex 1680 Red Submariner – Unpolished

Description: 1970 Rolex “Red Sub” Submariner. Dial is a MKIV red submariner which fits within the aligned serial range. The characteristics that define a MK4 Red Sub are the Red Paint over the white text of “Submariner.” The MK4 variant also has the most open 6’s in “660ft.” This watch is stunning and the case is unpolished with thick bevels that have naturally aged over years of the previous owner wearing it. 

Dial: Excellent MK4 Dial. Near Flawless with excellent yellow lume.

Insert: Faded Greyish MK3 Insert

Case: Excellent condition case that is unpolished

Bracelet: Rolex folded link oyster

USD 25,000

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