1967 Rolex 1675 MK1 Pepsi GMT

Description: The MK1 1675 GMT is considered a must have in most collector’s collection. It is characterized by a “Long – E” as the middle prong of the letter “E” in Rolex is equidistant compared to the other dials that have a shorter middle prong. It is also most famously known as one of the few 1675 variants to accept the fuchsia insert. Matte dial GMT’s are fantastic daily wearers and stand out in a sea of ceramic GMT’s. This 1675 has recently been polished to bring back factory beveling and the dial and hands are a creamy yellow custard.

Dial: Matte MK1 tritium dial

Insert: Correct faded fat font red back pepsi insert

Case: Excellent condition case that has recently been polished

Bracelet: Jubilee

USD 16,650

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