Enicar "Jim Clark" Sherpa Graph 300 MKII

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Description: A pristine "Jim Clark" Sherpa Graph 300 from Enicar. This version is a MK2 with reference number  314962-072/001

Dial: MK2 / B dial with excellent gloss black mirror finish dial, and silver subdials. Patina on lume is near perfect. Outer bezel shows some patina and minor wear.

Insert: Faded Grey Original insert

Case: Thick lugs and case with original bevels and believe to be unpolished. Made by EPSA.

Movement: Modified Valjoux 72 movement and was serviced in the past. Keeping good time.

Historical Significance: The world famous Scottish Formula 1 racer Jim Clark famously wore an Enicar Sherpa Graph 300 as did his counterpart Stirling Moss. Jim won two F1 world GP championships and 25 grand prix races, more than anyone else at the time. He is also the only racer in history to have won both the F1 championship and the Indy 500 in the same year. This accomplished farmer / racer is argued to be the best of his time and certainly one of the all time great racers ever. The movement of this chronograph, the valjoux 72 is also shared with the Paul Newman Daytona. 

Jim Clark Video