Break Down: 1675 Matte Dial Variants

Let’s break down the longest running GMT reference, the matte dial 1675 GMT. During the nearly 20 year run of the 1675 GMT reference, there are 3 major dial categories; Gilt Chapter-Ring / Gilt / and Matte. And although each block deserves its own chapter and breakdown we will be focusing on the Matte Dial variations today. Of the Matte Dial variants there are 5-6 distinct types and potentially more if we get into dials that feature the zinc sulfide lume found on early matte 1675’s. Andrew (@t_swiss_T) on Instagram has created a great site ( which should be referenced if purchasing a 1675. It’s a great resource and companion to the video.

As with categorizing the different mark dials, we use shortcuts and key references to point out quickly the dial type. These shortcuts help to quickly identify the likely mark variant. From there it is key to further confirm with a more critical eye, the lume type and texture, font type and spacing, and serial numbers of the case to determine if the dial is period correct to the case.

Follow along with Curtis as he breakdown the key things he looks for when categorizing these dial variations

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