2012 Rolex 116710LN Lunette Noir Black Insert GMT - Full Set

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Description: We are typically not known to stock modern Rolex models, however we like to look ahead and speculate on future classics on the horizon. Neo vintage Rolex’s (80’s-90’s) are already 20-30 years old and their prices have crept up as scarcity for these tritium references are hard to come by. Launched in 2007, the 116710LN (Lunette Noir) GMT was the first ceramic GMT. By this coming year 2023 it will have been nearly 16 years since its launch. Now, there has been a hype watch that just launched this year, another green and black GMT variant, the destro left handed “sprite” GMT. These watches are selling for nearly $70k at launch. Now if you are the hype kid that drives the latest Lambo and needs to flex on the poor then by all means grab that watch. We think its about time the Noir GMT deserved a spotlight away from its more popular siblings , and because of its subtleness this has become our favorite modern steel GMT. 

This watch has  is in excellent condition with full box and card. This GMT begins with a G serial, with card dating this to 2012. The watch was serviced at Rolex Service Center in SF in 2019. 

Dial: Maxi black green GMT dial

Case: Case appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Rolex Oyster