2007 Rolex 16610 Submariner Cactus Green Kermit

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Description: Why does a vintage rolex specialty store carry modern Kermit sub’s? Well simply because we believe this to be one of the last great Sub’s made with true vintage variances. There are multiple variations of dials, cases and bezels. The move to ceramic inserts make the Rolex line up very uniform. Gone are the inserts that will fade and patina over time. So this is truly why we love and hold dear to the original anniversary Submariner, the 16610LV. This Kermit is watch only and sports a light cactus green insert. This is the perfect Sub to stand out of the sea of modern ceramic sports watches. 

Dial: Maxi Dial 

Insert: Cactus Green Pointed 4 

Hands: Original Hands

Case: Lightly polished case but remains thick and even 

Bracelet: Tight 93250

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