1991 Rolex 16600 Sea-Dweller - Pumpkinish Dial

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Description: 1991 Rolex 16600 Sea-Dweller. This tritium dial era Sea-Dweller is one of the last tritium watches produced by Rolex. Tritium dials are known to age and patina over their luminova counter-parts that remain bright white. The insert has a very glossy dial that is free from defects like spidering or chipping which can be common on this generation of sport Rolex's. Bracelet has minimal stretch and the case is thick and even from the crown guards to the lugs. 

Dial: Original WGS Gloss light pumpkin tritium dial

Insert: Black period correct insert 

Case: Excellent condition case that lightly polished 

Bracelet: 93160 Bracelet