1986 Rolex 168000 “triple 0” Submariner

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Description:  The “triple 0” 168000 Submariner is one of the rarest White Gold Surround Submariner’s in existence. Believed to be made for only a couple of years, the 168000 sits between the 16800 and 16610 as a transitional watch. It houses the 3035 movement that the 16800 had, but differed in that the Steel that was used was shifted from 316L to 904L. This means that this was the first Submariner to be housed in 904L. The Lume is intact and original with the only exception being the seconds hand which has been replaced. This is a very unique Sub not only in it’s reference but also by its condition. There is a small ding on the bezel but does not effect retention of the insert. 

Dial: Glossy 168000 Dial

Insert: Period correct Insert

Case: Excellent condition case with thick lugs that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: 93150 bracelet