1986 Rolex 16800 Submariner - Unpolished - Near NOS

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Description: This 16800 is a the perfect daily neo-vintage submariner. The 16800 follows after the plexiglass 1680 and was offered in both a matte dial finish (transitional) and a glossy (white gold surround) dial variant that introduced white gold rings to surround the luminous plots. This gloss dial variant uses tritium and has aged into a beautiful orangish yellow that is complimented by sharp black insert. The words NOS (new old stock) get thrown around a lot recently but we truly feel this watch is near NOS condition. It has been worn maybe a dozen times or less and maintains sharp shiny bevels and a condition that is hard to beat. It is a 10/10 in all aspects. 

Dial: WGS Tritium dial 

Insert: Correct insert 

Case: Excellent condition case appears unpolished and Near NOS

Bracelet: Steel Oyster