1984 Rolex 16750 Matte Dial Pepsi GMT

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Description: There is no question that neo-vintage Rolex watches (80’s-90’s) have picked up considerable steam in the last few years. The 16750 GMT sits on the early side of the neo-vintage scale coming shortly after the 1675 classic plexiglass variant. What distinguishes the matte dial 16750’s are that they are a beautiful combination of vintage matte dial and plexiglass from its predecessor and a merger of the more modern 16750. This 16750 has a beautiful matte dial and yellow vibrant lume with a pepsi insert. The dial appears free of blemishes and the case is very thick through the lugs and crown-guards.

Dial: Matte dial 

Insert: Pepsi insert

Case: Excellent condition case 

Bracelet: Rolex Steel bracelet 78360