1979 Rolex 5513 Maxi III Dial “Lollipop” Submariner

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Description: 1979 Rolex Maxi 3 Dial “Lollipop” Submariner. This is the most desirable maxi dial 5513 sub as it’s known to have the biggest lume plots out of all the 5 maxi dial variants. The lollipop nickname is given to the Maxi 3 as its lume plots for the most part touch the seconds hash marks. The lume has a light creamy color and has the correct texture known for maxi dials. Case has been recently lightly polished to have the bevels resharpened. Excellent condition watch with a nice superdome crystal.

Dial: Maxi 3 lollipop Dial

Insert: Black Fat font insert which has faded

Case: Excellent condition case that was recently lightly polished

Bracelet: 93150 bracelet