1979 Rolex 1665 Sea-Dweller

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Description: After the famously known double-red Sea-Dweller came to an end it was followed up by a dial without lines of red texts. Movement and case stayed the same however which begs the question if the double-red Sea-Dweller’s are worth nearly double the price of these great-white 1665’s. Whatever you believe, the 1665 is an all time favorite watch of ours and wears slightly  bigger that its slimmer 1680 counterpart. This 1665 is a gorgeous example of a MK1 dial variant. There is light patina on the dial which gives it a bit of character. The insert is faded to a blueish shade. The case appears lightly polished but is very strong. There is a slight chip at the 12 marker on the bezel insert  

Dial: MK 1 small f dial

Insert: Correct Black insert

Case: Lightly polished but in excellent condition 

Bracelet: Nato Strap