1977 Rolex 5513 Maxi I Submariner - Cat Cay Tournament Winner

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Description: A very special all original Maxi I 5513. The original owner had won this watch from the famous Cat Cay Tuna tournament back in 1978. 

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Dial: Original Maxi I dial with excellent lume

Insert: Faded Grey Original insert

Case: Thick lugs and case with original bevels and believe to be unpolished.

Historical Significance: The Cat Cay Tuna Tournament started in 1939 and took place in the Private Cat Cay Islands in the Bahamas. This tournament hosted the likes of Ernest Hemingway, and Frank Sinatra, as well as Big Fish Fishing legends Bill and George Staros. 

"The inaugural tournament debuted in 1939 and quickly became one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. The unique bottom structure just off the beach at Cat Cay made this possible: A shallow white strip of sandy bottom runs parallel to the drop-off in a north and south direction for miles. When certain weather conditions occurred — particularly a stiff breeze from the southwest — giant tuna migrating from the Gulf of Mexico popped up onto the sand from the adjacent deep blue water." - Marlinmag.com

This prestigious event carried through the mid 80's where Blue Fin tuna began diminishing in numbers. It was brought back in 2013 where it continues to attract top anglers around the world. 

Cat Cay Video