1975 Rolex 1675 MK III Radial Dial Pepsi GMT

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Description: The mid 70’s were notorious for big hair, big music, and in this case a small dial on this 1675 radial dial GMT. Often referred to as a Mk3 variant dial, the radial gmt dial looks smaller than its counterparts as the lume plots were placed more closely to the center of the dial. This produced a unique look and in fact makes the MK3 one of the rarest matte dial variants around. This version also is known to accept a blueberry insert as well as an all red 24hr hand. This example is in excellent shape and has recently been polished to bring back the sharp bevels from factory. The dial is stunning and near flawless. 

 Dial: Mk3 radial dial 

Insert: Super Fat Font pepsi Insert 

Case: Excellent condition case  

Bracelet: 78360 bracelet