1971 Rolex 1675 Pepsi MK4 Dial - Unpolished King

Regular price $20,000.00

Description: This MK4 1675 may be the best MK4 GMT we have ever gotten in. Most MK4 dials are known to appear between 41xxxxx – 58xxxxx, however, MK4 dials have also appeared earlier in the 30xxxxx – 33xxxxx range, most famously, Marlon Brando’s 1675 GMT which also falls into this earlier serial range. This presents a very interesting GMT that has the early fat chamfer bevels with a proper MK4 dial. This MK4 dial has beautifully aged tritium that is on the cusp of being pumpkin. It’s a deep yellow saturation which to us is even more appealing than orange. The case as mentioned before is unpolished in our opinion.

Dial: Deep yellow patina MK4 dial

Insert: Fat Font Pepsi insert

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished

Bracelet: 7236 Folded link bracelet