1971 Rolex 1600 Datejust Sigma Linen Dial

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Description: 1971 Rolex 1600 Datejust with Sigma Linen dial. The 1600 is at the top of the datejust pyramid. Characterized by its smooth outer bezel it is the rarest between it’s 1601 and 1603 siblings. This 1600 also features a sigma linen dial which adds to the rarity of an already rare piece.

Dial: Dial is Very good condition with it’s sigma markings and linen dial. The outer lume plots have begun to chip away but do not detract from the dial’s appearance.

Insert: Smooth Bezel

Hands: Tritium hands

Case: Excellent condition case that has been lightly polished in the past

Bracelet: Jubilee Bracelet