1969 Rolex Fuchsia 1675 GMT w/ Mk0.5 Day Glow Dial. Box & Papers

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Description: 1969 Rolex 1675 Fuchsia Insert with a long list of features. Perhaps we should start with obvious that this 1675 is a fuchsia era watch, referring to the fuchsia coloring that has developed on these mid to late 60’s 1675’s. The dial is a correct long E dial, but if you look closer you will see that it is an early Long E dial commonly referred to as a MK0.5 Day-Glow dial. These dials were transitional dials that Rolex used with experimental lume. The common belief is that the tritium mixture was mixed with Zinc-Sulfide which allows the tritium to still react to Intense UV light. Because of this feature, the dial is also nick named the day glow as it appears as if it’s sometimes glowing during the day. This 1675 has an excellent case as well that has recently been polished with thick and even bevels. It comes with chronometer certificate, guarantee papers and a Rolex box.

Dial: Beautiful original day-glow dial  

Insert: Fat font fuchsia insert 

Case: Recently polished in excellent condition  

Bracelet: Folded link bracelet