1967 Rolex 1803 Day-Date w/ “Made in Japan bracelet”

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Description: Not everyday do you come across a Rolex with “Made in Japan” inscribed on the watch. But rather than dismiss this as a fake, a curious mind will uncover that this was indeed a Rolex product albeit made in Japan. During the 60’s Japan imposed high tariff’s to protect its blooming economy. In order to get around this tariff, Rolex decided to have the bracelet’s for 1803’s made in Japan where upon importing the watch head to Japan, it would be joined with this Japanese made bracelet. The Gold on this case has a beautiful patina to it and contrasted by the whiteish dial it definitely pops. 

Dial: Non Luminious “Door-stop Dial” 

Insert: n/a 

Case: Excellent Gold case 

Bracelet: Made in Japan bracelet