1966 Rolex Tropical Ghost 5513 Bart Simpson Submariner

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Description: A long time doesn’t necessarily mean a watch is special, but in this case it certainly does. This 5513 has a host of nicknames that are attached to it but the culmination of these traits have produced a one of a kind timepiece. Let’s break it down.

Ghost: This has a beautifully faded ghost bezel insert

Gilt: Refers to the early 5513 dials that had gilt lettering and a glossy dial

Tropical: This means the dial has aged from a black to a brown hue

Bart Simpson: These appeared in the mid 60’s for a very brief moment in time. The nicknames comes from the shape of the coronet looking similar to the popular Simpson’s character’s hair. These dials are almost always known to be very unstable in the way that they age over time resulting in crazy looking patina. (See Leopard Dial or wabi-sabi dial) 

Dial: Gilt Tropical Bart 

Insert: Ghost insert 

Case: Excellent condition case that has been lightly polished in the past  

Bracelet: Oyster folded link bracelet