1966 Rolex 5512 Tropical Wabi-Sabi Submariner

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Description:  The Japanese term of “wabi-sabi” exemplifies this 4 line Gilt 5512. It is the acceptance and appreciation of transience and imperfection and finding the beauty of age and decay. Many collectors in this hobby have started off trying to collect the most perfect examples of a watch, and although that might satisfy most people, some of us crave these “imperfections.” We only carry items we can find beauty in and this watch serves it up in spades. Featuring an unpolished case and a faded long-5 insert this piece is a one-of-a-kind made for the discerning connoisseur 

Dial: Gilt 5512 4 line dial 

Insert: Tropical Long-5 insert 

Case: Excellent unpolished condition case 

Bracelet: Rivet C&I bracelet