1964 Rolex Serpico Y Laino Gilt 1675 Fuchsia GMT

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Description: You’ve probably heard of Tiffany Dial Rolex’s before...but few have heard and fewer have ever seen an SYL (Serpico Y Laino) dial GMT. SYL was a Venezuelan Authorized Rolex dealer that had exclusive rights to Rolex in the mid century. Some watches that were sold there were double named with the SYL insignia on top of the GMT-Master name. Furthermore the casebacks were lightly inscribed with the words “SL Acero” denoting that the material was Steel. These are truly rare birds and a treat to uncover. This watch in particular is a Gilt dial variant of the 1675 and maintains a beautiful glossy finish on the dial. It has pointed crown guards which is correct on this case and the case appears to be unpolished with it’s original bevels still visible. To top things off, the insert has aged into a beautiful fuchsia and contrasts nicely against the subtle gilt lettering and silver SYL text. 

Dial: SYL Gilt dial 

Insert: Fuchsia 1675 insert 

Case: Excellent case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: C&I bracelet