1962 Rolex Ghost 5512 Gilt Chapter-Ring PCG Submariner (exclamation dial - unpolished)

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Description: Perhaps the best watches we find are the ones that are sourced as close to the original owner. This 5512 is one of our best finds yet. It sports a ghost long-5 insert that has faded from nearly 60 years of wear. The dial is ultra glossy and has full lume plots including the exclamation dot at 6 o’clock. At the center of the dial there is some tropicalization that extends towards the 4 lines of text. These early 5512 dials are more inclined to turn very brown due to the more radioactive lume that was used and experimented with during this time period. The case is also unpolished, showcasing the sharp thick bevels on this 5512 case. The crown-guards on these early 5512’s also have pointed crown-guards instead of the more common flat ones. The 4 lines of text feature 2 lines of silver text against 2 lines of gilt.

The hands have been replaced long ago with tritium hands, likely during the 1970’s. The bracelet is also replaced from 1976. We could go on and on but we think the pictures will speak for themselves. 

Dial: Original 5512 exclamation dial 

Insert: Ghost Long 5 Insert 

Hands: Tritium hands 

Case: Appears Unpolished 

Bracelet: Rolex swiss rivet w/ 76 clasp