1960 Rolex 5512 Tropical Gilt Chapter Ring Submariner

Regular price $75,000.00

Description: 1960 Rolex 5512 Gilt Chapter-Ring w/ Exclamation Dial Submariner. This 5512 is a grail piece period. We often are asked when we will find another, and in  this case it took 3 years before another tropical gilt chapter-ring 5512 came into our inventory. Rarity often has its own price and following, but a naturally aging tropical dial that exhibits warm tones of velvet brown and leather ooze from the dial. Really, this watch needs no further description. The case appears unpolished and is one of the earliest examples of an eagle beak crown guards. The long-5 insert is not only period correct but also has browned and greyed alongside the dial.

Dial: 5512 Gilt Chapter-ring tropical dial

Insert: Long 5 insert 

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Rivet Bracelet