2008 Rolex 16610lv Kermit Submariner -Unpolished with box

Description: The 16610lv straddles the line and embraces the best of vintage and Modern Rolex. Initially commissioned to celebrate the Submariner’s anniversary, the green insert remains as an aluminum insert. Due to the nature of the material and process used to make them, the insert is known to patina and fade in certain years. Out of the 6 known different inserts the B4 insert is known to turn lime or acid in this era of watch. We think this is more unique than a flat 4 insert which comes on the earlier known variants. This model is also unique in that the dial and hands differ from the regular 16610 model in that the LV model has maxi dial and hands. This is a move towards the current modern design aesthetic of Rolex

Dial: Black maxi dial

Insert: B4 Lime Green Bezel

Case: Excellent condition case, appears unpolished

Bracelet: Steel Oyster

USD 13,750

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