1959 Rolex 6538 Big Crown Submariner

Description: Considered the granddaddy of Submariner’s, the 6538 has a lot of nicknames. The “big crown” is often associated with the Bond films as it was first featured on the big screen in “Dr.No”. The 38mm case predates the later Sub’s with crown guard’s and outlines the silhouette of the oversized crown. Of the 6538’s the most sought after Big Crowns happen to be the ones with 4 lines of text on the dial. This would indicate additional certifications for the movement. The case has previously been polished but retains sharp and thick bevels throughout. A stretch GF Rivet date stamped 60 strap the watch to your wrist. In addition, the correct red triangle insert frames the dial which is rare to see. The dial is also tropical as the left hemisphere of the dial is transforming to a warm brownish tone. Movement has correct markings for the 4 line dial.

Dial: Tropical 4 line dial

Insert: Red Triangle Insert

Case: Excellent Case with sharp bevels.

Bracelet: Stretch Rivet Oyster GF ’60 datecode

USD 250,000

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