1987 Rolex 16760 “Fat Lady” Coke GMT

Description: 1987 Fat Lady GMT. One of the rarest GMT references can be considered the 16760 otherwise known as the “Fat Lady.” The nickname was attributed to the increased case size around the lugs and crown guards as well as the overall thickness height of the case. Produced for only a few years and only in a coke bezel variant, these watches were overlooked in the past. Not only does the case size give the watch a completely different feel when compared to their smaller counterparts. The other benefit of the 16760 is that it only came with a Coke bezel, making it the original Coke.

Dial: Excellent Glossy WGS dial with no signs of spidering or crazing. Lume is intact and shows an Intense yellow tritium

Insert: Coke insert

Case: Excellent case that has been lightly polished in the past

Bracelet: 78360 bracelet in excellent condition

USD 13,900

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