1965 Rolex 5513 Tropical Gilt Submariner

Description:The gilt open chapter ring era of Submariners only span a few years and this 5513 certainly stands out even amongst this special era of watches. The gilt dials are made with a reverse lacquer process so the gilt text is actually the relief that remains after a black lacquer paint is painted onto the dial. The 65 exhibits tones of brown from an otherwise very black dial. there is minor patina on the dial which is normal since it is such a reflective mirror surface. The case can be argued to be unpolished as it has very fat original beveling on the lugs and thick and even crown guards. We think the lume is also very stunning exhibiting a saturated yellow color that is very pleasing when contrasted with the brown dial. The insert is a mega fat font insert with cartoonish bubbly numerals and hash marks. These are the type of watches we love.

Dial: Gilt Tropical Open Chapter ring dial

Insert: Mega Fat font insert

Hands: Original tritium hands

Case: Appears Unpolished

Bracelet: Rolex Rivet Bracelet

USD 27,990

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