1960 Rolex 1675 “OCC” Gilt Chapter Ring PCG Pepsi GMT

Description: 1960 Gilt chapter-ring Rolex GMT with amazing custard lume. The Insert has faded into a denim and cranberry coloring. The dial is in excellent condition with original lume all present on the dial. The chapter-ring dial along with the pointed crown guards make this a grail GMT from the early 60’s. The case appears to be unpolished with perhaps a sleeve polish over the years of wear and use. The lugs retain their original bevels which are still thick and even. Dial is glossy and gives off a deep gloss. The serial is hard to read but the remnants of the digits date this to 1960

Dial: Excellent Gilt chapter-ring Dial GMT with OCC variant

Insert: Gilt era Fat Font Pepsi Insert. Red back.

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished.

Bracelet: Rivet oyster Stretch

USD 43,000

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