Rolex Tropical 1665 “Double-Red” Sea-Dweller

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Description: This is a gorgeous tropical dial 1665 “Double-Red” Sea-Dweller. It features a mk 2 dial that has turned a carmalized brown over the years. All the lume is present and it has a nice even gradient in tropicalness moving from left to right. Case has previously been lightly polished in the past but bevels still remain and lugs and crown guard is nice and thick along. This is the correct “thin-case” which refers to the earlier double red Sea-Dweller’s being a bit less chunky than their later counterparts.

Dial: Original MK2 Tropical Dial

Insert: Long 5 insert

Case: Excellent condition case that appears to have been polished previously but retains original bevels

Bracelet: 9315 folded link bracelet from 4th quarter of 1970