1984 Rolex 16758 Gold Nipple Dial GMT

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Description: What do they say about the guy that wears a gold GMT? It’s not their first GMT. The nipple dial Gold GMT’s are not for everyone. It takes an individual that wants a vintage look but ops for something a bit more luxurious than the pure tool watch. This Gold 16758 GMT is in excellent condition. The bezel has slightly faded a couple shades lighter than black and the gold imprint on the insert is a light toasty champagne. All lume is original and present. Case was polished lightly in the past but retains even thick lugs.

Dial: Matte nipple dial with tritium gold hands

Insert: Black insert that is slightly faded

Case: Excellent case with previously lightly polished case

Bracelet: Craft and Tailored Suede strap