2003 Rolex 16610T Submariner Kermit Insert

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Description: 2003 “F” serial Rolex “Kermit” “Flat-Four” 16610LV Anniversary Submariner with Box and Papers. This Watch is a collector’s grade watch. It retains it’s original factory bevels on the case and is naked without box and papers. The features and attributes of this kermit make this a MK1 Kermit which is highly collectable with its unique D1 wide spaced dial and B1 Flat four Bertolli insert. The insert, furthermore has turned into a lime green color which is indeed rare for flat 4 inserts. The watch remains unpolished with case back sticker. Perhaps what makes this watch great is that it is without box and papers. This factor allows the purchaser to not pay that 25% premium for a full set watch and is perfect for the collector that wants to wear their watches as opposed to stuff it in a safe. 

Dial: D1: ‘Oval O’ in Rolex.
-Widely spaced ‘Oyster Perpetual Date’ signature where the ‘R’ of Oyster sits between the legs of the ‘R’ in Rolex
-Wide ‘Swiss Made’ with 5 shortened minute markers underneath its entire length

Insert: Original B1: Fat Four “Serifed”, the inside of the four in ‘40’ is squared at the top but all the numbers with internal angles have very sharp, pronounced serifs in the classic Rolex style. The bezel is of a slightly lighter, olive green than the bezels that follow. (nicknamed Bertolli).

Hands: Original Hands

Case: Original C1 Case , appears unpolished

Bracelet: Tight 93250 with full links

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