2003 Rolex 16610lv Kermit Submariner NOS Full Set

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Description: 2003 Kermit Flat 4 Submariner. This is a rare Kermit that’s been left as NOS (new old stock) condition. Original stickers are all around the watch and the original Bezel cover is still on. This will be one of the cleanest Kermit Submariners you’ll see from early 2000’s. Watch with original Box & Card and accessories. This is one of those watches that will likely be tucked away in a safe and appear in auction in another decade we feel like, however part of us wishes someone will rip off the stickers and wear a brand new Kermit as a daily watch :)

Dial: Gloss Black Dial

Insert: Flat 4 Green Insert

Case: Untouched case with original stickers all around