1998 Rolex Zenith 16520 U Serial Tritinova - w/ papers

Regular price $38,950.00

Description: The 16520 can be considered the 993 generation Porsche of the Daytona line up. It has a robust Zenith chronograph movement and was the first 40mm Daytona to be introduced to the Rolex line up. The white panda variant dial for us is the rarer white with black sub-dial variant, as the other white dial has silver sub dials The case is in excellent condition that appears to be unpolished given the condition of the case with the case-sticker still fully intact. We expect this white panda dial to catch up to the premium pricing of the black dials especially since this a tritinova dial that only appears in U serial watches. This Tritinova is often assumed to be the first dials that used luminova despite showing “T swiss T” on the dial. 

Dial: White Dial Zenith - Original Tritinova Dial 

Insert: Steel tachometer bezel

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished

Bracelet: 78390