1997 Rolex 16570 Polar Explorer II w/ “Swiss” only dial

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Description: Polar dials have been the rising star this past year. The contrasting rings around the lume give the Polar dial Explorer’s a unique contrasting look when compared to other Sports Rolex’s of the era. This dial in particular is nicknamed the “swiss only” as it was a transitionary dial for Rolex as it left the Tritium luminescent lume in favor for Luminova. These dials were only produced for a bit over a year and were later replaced with the text “ Swiss Made.” Perhaps only the most observant will take noticed, but that is likely who you are anyways!

Dial: Luminova “Swiss only” dial 

Insert: Steel bezel 

Case: Excellent condition case that has been lightly polished in the past 

Bracelet:  78790