1991 Rolex 16520 Zenith Daytona

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Description: An Excellent Zenith Daytona 16520 with browning subdials going tropical. This 16520 is also known as having an "inverted 6" dial, as the center subdial "6" looks like a "9". The Mk4 and subsequent Dials have this feature reversed. "Patrizzi dial" is often thrown around left and right and although they are more common on MK4 dials, MK3 dials seem to have the browning subdials in various states. It is believed to be late MK3 - MK4 dials where this patrizzi effect seem to be the most prevalent. 

Dial: "Inverse 6" "Light Patrizzi" Dial. Tropical crazing happening on the outer edge of the subdials where it meets the main dial.

Bezel: Factory bezel

Case: Previously Polished with Even Thick lugs.