1997 Rolex 16520 Patrizzi-Lite Daytona

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Description: 1997 Rolex 16520 Patrizzi Daytona. The 16520 is developing into a cult classic. Infamously known as the Zenith Daytona (as its movement was sourced from Zenith) there are a number of dial variants. The most popular of these variants are the Patrizzi dials. These dials appear as the subdials coating oxidize into a brownish tone. This was a known “defect” but has actually added to the appearance of the 16520. Case is in excellent shape with excellent thick lugs. The bracelet was recently reconditioned to tighten up any slack that had developed over the years. Minimal to no stretch. 

Dial: 16520 Patrizzi Dial 

Insert: Steel Bezel 

Case: Excellent condition case

Bracelet: Original Bracelet