1991 Rolex 16710 Coke GMT

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Description: A defining point between neo-vintage and modern watches can be looked at what luminescent material is used for the dial. For many, tritium is synonymous with vintage Rolex. This coke 16710 has a very pleasant creamy lume throughout the dial. The hands are a shade lighter but are tritium as well. A common misconception is that the hands have to always match the dial. This is actually not true and is actually the norm for these vintage pieces. The case is thick and even throughout the lugs and crownguards and appears unpolished with the caseback sticker intact. This Coke GMT exhibits a big presence when worn on the wrist.

Dial: Tritium Gloss dial  

Insert: Coke Insert 

Case: Excellent condition case appears unpolished

Bracelet: 78360 bracelet