1991 Rolex 16520 Inverted Six White Dial Daytona

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Description: The 16520 can be considered the 993 generation Porsche of the Daytona line up. It has a robust Zenith chronograph movement and was the first 40mm Daytona to be introduced to the Rolex line up. The white panda variant dial features a 6 that appears inverted on the 6 o’clock sub-dial. The case is in excellent condition that appears lightly polished but this is very hard to determine as the case has very sharp bevels that could have just been sleeve worn. These white dials have gained tremendous popularity over the years and the monochromatic look is something very unique given the time period this came out in. 

Dial: white inverted 6 dial  

Insert: Steel bezel 

Case: Excellent condition case with original case back sticker 

Bracelet: 78390