1991 Rolex 16520 Patrizzi - Inverted Six Dial Zenith Daytona - Full set

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Description: 1991 Rolex 16520 Zenith Daytona. The 16520 has achieved cult status amongst vintage Rolex collectors.  Infamously known as the Zenith Daytona (as its movement was sourced from Zenith) there are a number of dial variants. The Patrizzi variant shows darkening or bronzing of the subdials. Like tropical dials, this variation can occur very lightly or to very dark espresso like variations and the browning is not always consistent. This 16520 also has the infamous inverted “6” hallmark with the 6 o’clock subdial being inverted int the shape of a “9”.

Case is in excellent shape with excellent thick lugs. The bracelet is also in excellent condition with minimal stretch. This set comes with W serial papers and booklets 

Dial: 16520 Dial with light oxidized champagne subdials 

Insert: Steel Bezel 

Case: Excellent condition case

Bracelet: Original Bracelet