1987 Rolex 5513 First Frost Dial Submariner

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Description: 1987 Rolex 5513 Submariner , transitional white gold surround dial. This transitional 5513 houses the white gold surround glossy dial while in the vintage 5513 body with plastic dome crystal. This combination makes for some of the rarest Sub’s out there as they were only produced for a couple of years before the introduction of the 14060 body. What truly sets this 5513 apart is the spider dial that is associated with some of these 5513’s made in this era. The lacquer that sits on top of the dial cracks and appears like fine spider webs if seen from the right angle. This one in particular though has a very unique dial almost frozen in time instead of the traditional webbing.

Dial: First Frost dial

Insert: Black Insert

Case: Excellent case that has previously been polished

Bracelet: 93150 bracelet in excellent condition