1987 Rolex 19018 OysterQuartz Day-Date unpolished

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Description: Beautiful all yellow gold OysterQuartz Day-Date paired with Diamond lume plots. These hybrid mechanical / quartz movements highlight an era where Rolex was unsure where the future of watch movements was headed. Heavily influenced by the popularity of quartz movements from Japan, Rolex thought to build their own interpretation of the Quartz movement. Arguably highlighted as one of the most unique and special quartz watches made, the surprises don’t end there. The design of this case was also done by none other than Gerald Genta. Unpopular for many years, true enthusiasts have begun snatching these prized examples up. The watch appears unpolished and in great condition with the lugs thick and even all around.

Dial: Diamond lume plot Dial

Case: Appears Unpolished 

Bracelet: Yellow Gold integrated