1987 Rolex 168000 Transitional Submariner - Matting Dial

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Description: The 168000 reference sits between the 16800 and the 16610 submariner reference. Adopting the new steel of the 16610 while maintaining the older movement of the 16800, the 168000 is truly a transitional watch that was only made for a year or two. This triple 0 happens to have a matting tropical dial. Whereas typically most 168000’s have a glossy dial, this one has developed a smooth matting patina. Case is very thick and and even. 

Dial: Excellent WGS gloss tritium dial that is matting and developing a nice patina 

Insert: 168000 insert 

Case: Excellent condition even and thick case that appears lightly polished 

Bracelet: 93150 Bracelet