1987 Rolex 16528 Zenith Gold Daytona w/ Champagne Floating “Cosmograph” Dial - Unpolished

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Description: 1987/88 Rolex Gold Daytona - Zenith 16528 with Champagne “Floating Cosmograph” Dial. This early variant of the Zenith Daytona’s came with the word “Cosmograph” appearing separately from the rest of the text and “floating” on the dial whereas the later dials brought this text back up to the rest of the lines of text. The serial is a super low R serial which leads us to believe it is a late 87 or possibly 88 watch. The case appears unpolished with sharp and thick lugs. This is a very rare watch given the condition and the MK1 floating cosmo dial. 

Dial: MK1 Floating Cosmograph w/ inverted 6 dial 

Insert: Gold Insert 

Case: Excellent condition case appearing unpolished. 

Bracelet: Gold rivet 7021