1987 Rolex 16013 Two-Tone Tiffany & Co Dial Date-Just

Regular price $8,950.00

Description: Tiffany dials seem to be all the rage these days and with more fake dials appearing in random watches to increase the base value, any discerning buyer should know what to look for to determine authenticity. This 16013 has the hallmarks of a genuine Tiffany dial. These dials were double named at Tiffany by a Tiffany and co technician. Depending on the year and age it will have different font type and thickness. This datejust is a slow burn, and will be specifically for someone looking for a killer Datejust with a “look-closer” dial. 

Dial: Tiffany Double named gold dial 

Insert: Gold bezel 

Case: Excellent condition case

Bracelet: Two - Tone Jubilee