1986 Rolex 5513 Submariner - White Gold Surround Dial - Unpolished

Regular price $12,950.00

Description: 1986 Rolex 5513 with transitional WGS dial. This is a transitional Submariner as Rolex was introducing the White Gold Surround Glossy dial into the 5513 case. This watch has a beautiful cream dial with very glossy lacquer. The case is as unpolished as it gets being razor sharp along the chamfer edges. The 93150 bracelet is also a near 10/10 with minimal to no stretch. This is probably the nicest 5513 transitional we’ve gotten into the shop. 

Dial: Excellent condition Gloss dial

Insert: Fat font insert

Case: Excellent condition even and thick case that has been lightly polished.

Bracelet: Nato Strap