1986 Rolex 16550 Cream Dial Explorer II

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Description: The 16550 Explorer II Cream Dial is an abnormal watch to say the least. First off is the very early reference of the 16550. This is not to be confused with the later 16570 reference which had a thinner bezel font and slight changes overall. This creme dial started life off as a white dial and slowly aged and patina’d over the years to a creamy glossy vanilla color. This tropicalization effect is known to happen in some of these early model 16550’s. This also differs from the later black gold surrounds found in the 16570 in that this dial has the white gold surrounds which give it a unique distinction. The case appears unpolished given the sharp bevels and thick lugs and crownguards. 

Dial: Cream Tropical Dial 

Insert: Metal Bezel Insert

Case: Excellent Unpolished Case

Bracelet: 93150 Oyster