1984 Rolex Maxi Dial MKV 5513 Submariner

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Description: 1984 Rolex 5513 Maxi V Dial. The Maxi dial 5513’s are the purist’s ideal 5513. It is simple with no date wheel, no cyclops, and features large “maxi” lume plots that are bigger than the previous serif and non-serif 5513 submariners. The MK V Maxi dial submariner is characterized by the “Submariner” text being longer than the depth rating below. It is also the last version of the plexiglass 5513’s.

Dial: MKV Maxi Dial

Insert: Fat Font Insert that has started to fade into a slate hue

Hands: Original Tritium Hands.

Case: Excellent condition case that has recently been refinished

Bracelet: 93150 bracelet with 580 endlinks