1984 Rolex 5513 Transitional Tritium Pumpkin Burn Submariner

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Description: 1984 Rolex 5513 Submariner , transitional wgs dial. This transitional 5513 houses the white gold surround glossy dial while in the vintage 5513 body with plastic dome crystal. The case is very thick and appears unpolished.This specific watch was found in a drawer of the original owner. Apparently it was put a way early in its life and seldom worn if ever.  We know this cliche story has been repeated however we think it adds up since there is something very special about this watch. It looks like the previous owner did not touch this watch for some time and was likely stored away as there is a tritium shadow that has imparted on the glossy dial in the shape of an hour and minute hands. This supports this claim that the watch was likely left somewhere as the light tritium radiation likely imparted and patina’d the dial.

This is truly a “Look Closer” watch

Dial: Excellent Glossy WGS dial with no signs of spidering or crazing. Lume is intact and shows an even deep golden yellow on hands and dial plots

Insert: Black Insert

Case: Excellent case

Bracelet: 93150 bracelet in excellent condition